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Friday, October 14, 2011

Trip to Oregon August 26-Sept 1,2011

Well we had such a great time on the Oregon coast last year we felt a pull back down. We are hoping to be able to go again with all of our dear friends but this one was just about us.
So we planned to camp and first we made our way to Deception Pass and spent a few days with Mom & Dad J. Donna and Brandon also headed down for a night with us too!
We enjoyed fantastic weather, good food , a super duper hike and laughter. After a few days there we continued on toward Oregon. The road trip with rather lovely as we did not take the I-5 but the scenic route which through the Olympic Forest, a must to go back and camp throughout there too.  Our destination was Fort Stevens, OR. We had the chance to visit once before and it left such a wonderful impression that we knew we would return. And let me tell you it did not disappoint, if you have the chance it is just lovely. The main beach was busy but that was to be expected once you got away from the ship wreck area you were all alone for miles. We went on walks and beaches it was fantastic! We all just seem so a peace when we are by the water, Bronwynne seemed like a spry puppy romping around  the beach and crashing into the waves. Sam and Browynne just ran and ran! I looked for sand dollars and took tons of pictures. Darren took video and flew a kite. Life is GOOD!


Here are a couple videos that Darren shot one regular and one on time laps (password is Sam)

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