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Friday, July 31, 2009

BBQ for Kyle's 15th Birthday July 30,2009e

We(Sam & I) were invited over to Grandpa & Honey's place to help celebrate Kyle's 15th Birthday. Darren was working and was not able to attend and Dave & his family were still on vacation. A wonderful and tasty dinner was eaten followed by a delicious frozen cake with of coarse 15 candles. We were celebrating a few days early as they will be away for his actual day. Sam had a great time with his cousins running and playing a bit of soccer. Kyle seem to enjoy all of his gifts and was grateful for the gathering.

Happy Birthday Kyle! Hope you have a fantastic year. Enjoy!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Quick trip to see good friends July 20-25,2009

I had a phone call last week from a good friend of ours out east saying she had a couple of weeks off and was wondering if Sam & I wanted to come for a visit. Well a day and a half later, we were packed and ready to go on a red eye flight that Daddy was operating. Our dear friend met us with a big hug and a smile. Yay for us! Sam & I had the best visit ever we played, went to a museum, gained more confidence swimming, tried a water slide, and just plain hung out! Can you tell we had oodles of fun!THANK YOU!
As usual more photos of our great time!

Friday, July 17, 2009

A drive with A/C July 16,2009

To escape the heat the other day we all piled in the car, I know this seems very unlikely but, the car has A/C. We decided to take a drive across the line for a few dairy products and have a little lunch. We headed for the Aldergrove crossing because there is a dairy farm just a bit after you cross and do they have good ice cream and cheese. But before that stop we drove just a bit farther and grab a lovely lunch in Lynden. Even Bronwynn enjoyed herself!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sarah's Crazy 8 Birthday Party July 12,2009

Sam & I had the honor of attending Sarah's Crazy 8 Birthday Party. We found everyone at the local park. A lot of fun was had and most importantly the birthday girl had a great day surrounded by all of her friends.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lighting Lake July 6-9,2009

We managed to get away for a few more days up to Manning Park. We headed to lighting lake for a few days. I have to say that I hadn't been there since I was quite young. The park was a beautiful and peaceful as I remember it. Sam had a great time, we managed to get a few hikes in, Bronwynne loved the lake for swimming but don't tell anyone. On the last day the sun finally made a full showing so we rented a canoe and headed out for a few hours it was fantastic. If you have the chance to go I would highly recommend it.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Celebrating Sarah's 8th BIrthday July 4,2009

As summer becomes increasingly hectic, Karen planned to celebrate Sarah's 8th birthday early. We were invited over for a BBQ in Sarah's honor. Good food, drinks and the birthday girl made for a great evening.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

O Canada July 1,2009

Sam & I spent the day with friends enjoying the sunshine. We headed off to one of the newest parks in Langley and had a wonderful day. The kids ran from the playground to the water park the whole time we were there. Sam was slightly hesitant but once Shannon gave him a boat to float down the "river" he was hooked. We all brought something so we had a wonderful array of goodies and food to enjoy!

Thanks everyone!

More pics in the Flickr

Strawberry Time June 29/30,2009

Darren is doing red-eyes all month so I thought instead of getting involved in major task through out the day and sending him off to work we would just take it easy. We headed off to Krause Farm to pick up some strawberries. We had a good bit in our garden but not enough to make a batch or two of jam. Well to my surprise we did get a flat but the berries were much smaller than last year. And to count myself lucky my parents had gone the day after and there were no more berries.
So yesterday Sam & I headed to the store to load up on pectin and sugar to make a batch. It turn out nicely and Sam & I enjoyed some warm jam on a piece of rye bread together. Yummy!