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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Unexpected Trip April 14-18,2011

On minute I am at home enjoying my regular hobbies(laundry, cooking & cleaning) the next I am packing for Darren, Sam, Bronwynne & myself all separately of coarse.
Darren had picked up an extra pairing and was heading to Cancun for literally a day and half. He encouraged me to come and well our worlds were turned topsy turvy for a few days.
Grandpa & Hunni had offered to take Sam as they could take him to school for the Thurs & Fri. Bronwynne was heading to Grandma & Papa's with couple of dog walk from Chris.
So I hopped on a plane headed to Toronto for the evening with Darren. It was quite fun as I haven't been doing much travelling. So we stayed the night there enjoyed a fine shawarma for dinner. I had Darren out of his groove so wenapped and apparently that is forbidden as it alters your clock. Whoops!
The next morning we got ready and headed to the airport to catch the flight to Cancun, once I was confirmed on the flight I was feeling a bit better. When we arrived I hopped on the bus with the crew and headed to the hotel . It was beautiful! We changed into our suits and headed right down the beach to meet up with the crew. The evening we headed to the old part of Cancun via public transportation for the full effect. We dined an authentic restaurant and had them turn on the hockey game, score! Once we returned I literally fell into bed for a wonderful peaceful sleep.

The morning had us enjoying the buffet for breakfast then off to adventure to the Isle of Mujeres, we walked about 15-20 minutes down the road took a ferry across. Once we arrived we rented a golf cart and toured around the island for the afternoon. It was lovely. We saw turtles, some ruins, a fertility god and lots of iguanas. Had a snack of chips and guacamole on the beach, then returned to the ferry. By the time we returned we were wiped so we headed down the the pool, took a dip and ordered dinner. After our bellies were full and we were cooled off we returned to get ready to head to Regina for the evening. I know hard to compare to Cancun.
We spent the night had breakfast then I left to be picked up by my in laws and Sam who I missed terribly. Darren returned later that evening!
I am one lucky lady! Thanks to everyone to helping me.

In our world April 2-12,2011

Hmm I guess I forgot about my little blog.

A speedy update then back to our regular programming.

We have been having a lot of rain so on the day that it is not raining we have managed to get out to enjoy the sunshine and blue sky. As we did they day we headed to the Delta Dykes we headed out in Darren little sunday driving car, so Bronwynne got left behind(don't tell here we were there). It was a beautiful day and I did manage to snap a few pictures here and there.
A few days later we headed over toGrandma & Papa's and took apart their no longer required hot tub. Sam of coarse thought this was terrific as we made a trip to the dump in Papa's truck. Life of a 5 year old hey! Well it did go rather well and now they have freed up a good chunk of space on theirdeck. Now spring can arrive.

Sam also started blast ball with his cousins Aiden & Sophie. Hopefully the weather can continue to get better so we are not standing out in the pouring rain and the kids can have a good time. Looking forward to making some memories since they are all able to do this together.