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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Sam turns 6 December 4,2011

So this year was the magic six! Sam was extremely excited for his birthday. We decided that we would have a small party at our home with a few buddies. We invited eight friends to come and celebrate. Our theme was of coarse LEGO! Well I don't know who was more excited us or Sam. We planned and shopped and crafted up a storm. Our home was filled with bright cheery lego colours. We had posters made, lego men avatars for each child, a custom lego cake made by Daddy, lego bins for our chips and drinks, lego garland and much more. We had our party on the Saturday which ment lots of set up Friday night. Darren & I we organizing a lego build for each child which ment verifying the adequate amount of pieces for the build. During the week building up to the party Darren constructed a ramp to race the lego after the build.
Once our friends had started to arrive we enjoyed a few pre party races then when the group was complete we commenced some games such as guess how many lego in the jar. Lego drop from different heights into a bucket. We took a break for some pizza, veggies, fruit and chips. Then we headed into the dining room for the lego build. All the kids did great some need assistance but overall it was a success. After everyone was done we moved the table and did a quick game of pin your personal avatar on the giant lego man. Finally we headed in the family room for the lego races with their builds.
A round of Happy Birthday was sung cake and cupcakes were consumed and a disorganized session of unwrapping the gifts commenced and our party was over.
While that party was ending we did a quick clean up and refreshed the food and bevies and our families showed up to celebrate with us for the remainder of the evening.

Sam had the best birthday ever(well until next year right?)

We spent his actual birthday at the Santa Claus parade downtown it was a great adventure.

Thanks to all who came and celebrated with us and to those of you who sent birthday wishes.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Turkey Trot October 6,2011

Well as afore mentioned our teacher was kind enough to make apple pies for the kids and with all the Thanksgiving preparations another regular activity that commences at the school is a run call the Turkey Trot! The previous year I did not realize that parents could come and watch the kids run the circuit with their homemade turkey hats on. So I joined a few of the other parents in the Thankgiving assembly then proceeded to watch the kids head out for their run around the field. I snapped a few pictures and thought that was that. No, when I returned to pick Sam up from school he came out the do with a container of Cran-Grape juice hoisted above his head. First I was thinking please return that before we get into trouble. But sure enough it belonged to Sam, see he had won it at the turkey trot! YAY! He was pleased as could be, and as a fellow school mate said he was hoisting it above his head like the Stanley Cup. This made me smile and it was a proud moment that he indeed wanted to share with the grandparents. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.

Grade 1 field trip Apple/Pumpkin Farm October 5,2011

Our field trip took us to the same farm which we visited last year, which is actually perfect. As the weather was not all too cooperative this year, we knew where we were going and what to dress for. I was fortunate to go in a vehicle of parents this year instead of the bus with the kids. All the kids arrived safe and sound, broke up in their appropriate groups. We were schooled in the variety of apples, how to pick them and how they are stored. We also visited the farm animals which included some babies. And well not to forget but a hay ride out to the pumpkin patch to pick a perfect pumpkin! All the kids were well behaved and had a terrific time. They were gifted some apples in addition to their pumpkins and the class took a vote to make apple pie. So our teacher was kind enough to bring ingredients and made three apple pies for the class the following day. Sam was in heaven!

Day with Mitchell October 1,2011

Well our luck continues as another set of friends are moving a little closer to us and while they were moving we(Sam & I) looked after their little man Mitchell. Well let me tell you this little man is sooooooooo mellow! He just went along with all of our activities, we went to soccer, went for a walk, played, sang songs and well just plain snuggled. Sam was enjoying his time making Mitchell laugh. It was truly a wonderful day!

Meeting the Brown twins September 10,2011

Sam & I had the privilege of meeting the newest members of our friend group. Our dear friends were blessed with two healthy boys Gregor Paul & James Samuel. We were just going to drop of some banana muffins and were invited into the room to meet these little angels. I was so excited but Sam he was over the moon. He was even granted a moment to hold one of the babies
We wish Kim, Rob and their boys nothing but health and happiness!

First day of Grade 1 September 6,2011

So at last the moment had arrived the first day of Grade 1. We got up had a wonderful breakfast, got dressed in short as afore mentioned the fantastic weather has now arrived. Then skipped off to school!

Slip n' Slide September 5,2011

Well as planned just as the kids are to resume school the weather decides to get increasingly better. So on this day it was a bit toasty out that we decided to break out the slip n slide that another kind friend had gifted to us.

We had our neighbour friend Hailee over so an enjoyable time was had. Sam was ready to go right when the water stared flowing out. Hailee was a bit more apprehensive but once she watched Sam a few times she was in there having a fantastic time.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Trip to Oregon August 26-Sept 1,2011

Well we had such a great time on the Oregon coast last year we felt a pull back down. We are hoping to be able to go again with all of our dear friends but this one was just about us.
So we planned to camp and first we made our way to Deception Pass and spent a few days with Mom & Dad J. Donna and Brandon also headed down for a night with us too!
We enjoyed fantastic weather, good food , a super duper hike and laughter. After a few days there we continued on toward Oregon. The road trip with rather lovely as we did not take the I-5 but the scenic route which through the Olympic Forest, a must to go back and camp throughout there too.  Our destination was Fort Stevens, OR. We had the chance to visit once before and it left such a wonderful impression that we knew we would return. And let me tell you it did not disappoint, if you have the chance it is just lovely. The main beach was busy but that was to be expected once you got away from the ship wreck area you were all alone for miles. We went on walks and beaches it was fantastic! We all just seem so a peace when we are by the water, Bronwynne seemed like a spry puppy romping around  the beach and crashing into the waves. Sam and Browynne just ran and ran! I looked for sand dollars and took tons of pictures. Darren took video and flew a kite. Life is GOOD!


Here are a couple videos that Darren shot one regular and one on time laps (password is Sam)

Hangin' with the Cuz's August 24,2011

Sam was able to spent the afternoon with his cousin's Aiden & Sophie. It was fantastic, first they all scrambled outside and played for a while then like a herd of elephants they headed up stairs to the playroom for a while. And alas they snack grumbles happened they headed my way and we found something that would please the masses. After we all decided it was a little sticky out so we stripped down and ran through the sprinkler you know like we did in the olden days! They were hilarious I am lucky we didn't have  run in as they were zipping back and forth. Well after all the fun what do you need, POPSICLES of coarse! A short while later we all gathered around the outside table for a messy but fun craft. A good day was had by all.

Darren's Bday August 18,2011

When I read Darren's August schedule I couldn't believe my eyes. Darren actually had his birthday off. I can honestly say that I don't ever remember Darren having his birthday off. We have always celebrated when he returned and called it a do-over. Well this was a different route we celebrated the day before his birthday so he could sit back and relax. I planned a family dinner for the Jarvis side. We had a lovely dinner and I made a chocolate pudding and banana cake served with whipped cream or ice cream. Both were a hit! We enjoyed desert outside on the patio which was a lovely finish to the evening. Darren was surrounded by his family and a few gifts. Sam & I actually surprised Darren this year by purchasing a GO Pro camera . I appreciated the pre purchased assistance from another friend Judith as I was not so knowledgable about what I was going to be purchasing. Well needless to say the gift was a hit and Darren has actively been using his camera.(I know two of us with cameras in you faces, oh the memories you will have)