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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New Best Friend August 28,2006

Here is Sam with his new furry best friend, so this one doesn't move so quickly and doesn't expect you to throw the ball or share your toys but hey he is pretty cute too! Bronwynne actually thought he was for her too. Found him out in the backyard the first night he was home. So I think we will name him Cooper!PS Thanks Grandma & Papa! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Picnic at Annieville Park August 26,2006

Today we managed to get out and get together with friends. It was lovely to see everyone and get caught up. So here are a few picture from the day. Below is Brady marching on.
Our future Momma Leiko styling!Lookin good girl!
Most of the group!
Then a few more!
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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

After... August 22,2006

Here is the downstairs pretty much completed. Darren has done a fabulous job in my opinion but, I am his wife and best friend so that may be a little biased. There are a few minor details to attend to but, otherwise it is done. Now I can't wait for my upstairs to look this good!

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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Darren's Birthday August 19,2006

This is the first year that I haven't had to say to Darren that we will have a do over. Either he is flying or we are moving. This year we actually celebrated his birthday on his actual day. The day we a very busy one to say. We got going in the morning and ran a few errands a pick out some new clothing items for the birthday boy. We returned home and Mom & Dad Samuelson stopped by with beautiful cake, Karen and Sarah also came for a visit. In the evening we hosted a dinner in Darren's honor with Mom & Dad Jarvis, Dale, Dave & Aiden, & Donna it was a lovely day and I know Darren was glad to have family around to help him celebrate. Posted by Picasa

Friday, August 18, 2006

Darren picking the last of the peaches August 17,2006

These are the last of the few but delicious peaches that we had on the tree in the backyard. Sam has been having a feast at breakfast time and for desert at dinner. Even Darren has had a few.

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Smiling Sam August 18,2006

Snapped a few of Sam after his bath tonight. I would have liked the lighting to be better but you can't change the smile on that face.

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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Around the Yard August 10,2006

Just picked the smaller chairs up last week thought they would look good with the ones Darren previously made.
Can't wait for these to ripen. Now Darren might have something diffrent say.
The Chili peppers
The abundant apple tree. Apple pie anyone?

We have been working around the yard on various projects here and there. Just thought you might like to see the fruits of our labours.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

How can you resist?? Aug 6,2006

I can't that's why I grabbed for my camera. So her are a few pictures of Sam. Enjoy!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Kyle's 12th Bday Aug 3,2006

Last night we went over to Donna & Todd's house the help celebrate Kyle's 12th birthday. August 3rd is actually a busy day for the Jarvis' as it is Kyle's Bday,Aiden's Bday and Dave & Paulines anniversary. So the day is a very full but blessed event. Last nights celebrations were lots of fun and the Olafson' had their family there so lots of kids = lots of fun. There was good food, good games and good company. And here's the proof!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Sam in his Jammies from JAM Aug 1,2006

Here are a few pictures of Sam in his Jammies from Jacob, Anna & Maya. This is just before we went for our nightly walk. Enjoy!