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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Visting Daddy for the Day May 30,2006

Well today Sam & I went down to meet Darren. He was in Vancouver for the day. So we packed up and picked him up from the Vancouver airport. He was sure glad to see us. We all went out for a late breakfast of coarse al the ladies in IHOP were ga-ga over Sam(such a nice feeling). Then we spent the afternoon just milling around together. Finally we went to the Yohan(sp) center and gathered up a few thing for Darren's lunch and a collection of goodies for us for dinner. We had some sticky rice wrapped in a banana leaf, pot sticker and spring rolls. We hung out in the hotel room till the last of the rush hour was over then Sam & I headed home.

When we pulled up in our driveway. Mom & Dad Samuelson were here. Mom spent the entire gardening and planting day lillies in our front garden as you walk up to our house it looks beautiful and we are so greatful.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Went for our almost six month appt w/ Dr. Smith May 25,2006

Well forgot to mention that we had our almost six month appointment the other day. We picked up Darren from the airport that morning then eventually made our way to see Dr. Smith(sounds generic but it's his real name). Sam checked out just fine and dandy. He is weighing in at 19lbs 8oz. His length was 26 inches which all accounted to be in the 90th % for his age. Dr. Smith noted that when he is in grade one, he will be in the second row second from the end. Told us to try and remember as he has a pretty good track record so we will wait and see. Hopefully that will not be upon us for quite sometime. He also noted that when he is two years of age you should be able to take that height and multiply it by two and should be close to their finally height.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Trying something New May 26,2006

Well today we tried carrots for the first time. Naturally we captured it on camera for all to see. And without a doubt Sam love every morsal of his new and tasty treat. It will be intresting as the weeks pass to see what he thinks of all the wonderful and new tastes and textures.

Now after you have such a terrific meal you have to just lay down and have some fun with your best bud, Bronwynne. As you can tell they are already friends till the end.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

May Day in Fort Langley May 22, 2006

Today's events took place in Fort Langley, where Darren's parents own and operate Planet Java. Darren was helping out so Sam, Cindy(friend from Calgary) & I went down to join in on the May Day celebrations. It was Sam's first parade some of it went well but let's just say the horns and other extreme noises could have been left out in Sam's books. Pictured above are Cindy, Sam & I with cousins Brandon & Kyle and Darren & Dad operating the coffee cart. Additional pictures includes are bits of the parade. Cindy & I also enjoyed the company of Darren's Uncle Gary. A fun time was had by all.

Friday, May 19, 2006

No pictures today. But just the realization that family and friends are truly important. I know having Samuel is a true gift as too are the people that you surround yourself with. I attended a funeral today. I was in attendance with my Mom & Dad. We exchanged thoughts and stories on the way there, that it is nice to be surrounded by material possesions and work hard to aquire such items. But really when you look back on the bigger picture it is what you made of your life. The savoured moments made with family and friends. You can have a lovely big house but if you do not fill it with people and events it is not a HOME. We are given this one time to live our lives to the fullest. If you are unable to live with an open heart and mind then you might be missing it! I am truly grateful that Darren & I have made friends where ever we have lived and continue to have those friendships flourish. And yet being home with our families is a priceless time and I know that we will do our best to make everyday count!

On a side note. Sam was wonderful today. Especially being such a hit with everybody. It was nice to know in any language that you have a terrific child. I actually had a gentleman say it is nice to see a baby at a funeral. Translated I presume he was saying that we live a full circle. When one life is over another just begins!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Visiting Auntie Donna at PJ May 17,2006

This morning we picked up Darren from the Abbotsford Airport. On our way home we decided to stop for coffee & breakfast at PJ. When we arrived we saw Dale until Donna arrived, then he was off and running to his other job. We had a nice little visit with Donna. We had a chance to feed Sam some more oatmeal cereal which I have surmised that he loves. We ate an egger and had a coffee ourselves.

After that we returned to the house to continue with yard work. Darren went back to the rotatilling he has been doing and I have been weeding up a storm.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Trying Oatmeal Cereal May 16,2006

Today we tried Oatmeal cereal, and there is not doubt that Sam likes it! He was reaching for the bowl and opening wide when the spoon was loaded. Can't wait for Darren to come home and see this. I even think Bronwynne is going to enjoy the food introduction phase of Sam' life. Because what doesn't end up in Sam mouth will be Bronwynne's treat. A win, win situation.

Out with Daddy May 14,2006

Here is Sam stopping in to see Grandma & Grandpa Jarvis at Planet Java on May 14,2006. I was a lovely day.

Sam is getting his summer wardrobe all sorted out, we have to show off those legs!

There's Mommy with that camera again. I told you this was normal.

Sam Hanging out in his Bumbo Seat

Here is Sam hanging out in his Bumbo seat. He is just having a good time while I attempt to clean his room around him. He is quite content to hear you talk and sing. And well when that camera comes out he knows when to flash the good stuff! SMILE!!!