Sunday, May 28, 2006

Went for our almost six month appt w/ Dr. Smith May 25,2006

Well forgot to mention that we had our almost six month appointment the other day. We picked up Darren from the airport that morning then eventually made our way to see Dr. Smith(sounds generic but it's his real name). Sam checked out just fine and dandy. He is weighing in at 19lbs 8oz. His length was 26 inches which all accounted to be in the 90th % for his age. Dr. Smith noted that when he is in grade one, he will be in the second row second from the end. Told us to try and remember as he has a pretty good track record so we will wait and see. Hopefully that will not be upon us for quite sometime. He also noted that when he is two years of age you should be able to take that height and multiply it by two and should be close to their finally height.

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