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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year 2009!

Wishing you and yours all the best for 2009!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Boxing Day Snow December 26,2008

Here is a glance of our Snow here on the wetcoast! Quite an unusual sight here. But, I can honestly say this made our Christmas. Bronwynne has been trudging through all of the snow she still has a tilted head I think that is her to stay. We are glad to see her spirits are back where they should be. We are truly blessed that she is in our lives and she brings so much to our days.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Morning! December 25,2008

Our Christmas morning almost started out around 6:00am but I managed to redirect Sam back to sleep for a couple more hours of much needed sleep. When he awoke we determined that Santa had indeed come for a visit and his stocking was full of goodies to keep him busy while Mommy & Daddy managed to get coffee!
A busy and fabulous morning was had buy us all. We even had Al-E still here enjoying in our craziness. Sam finally slowed down a bit to savor a hot raspberry scone and a tasty fruit smoothy.
We rested up a bit before getting ready to enjoy a turkey dinner at Grandpa and Honey's house later that evening.

Christmas Eve Dinner December 24,2008

Like many of you we try to balance the two families at the holiday season. So this year we celebrated with my family on Christmas eve. We hosted a lovely turkey dinner at our home. We were unfortunately missing my niece as she was with her Dad this Christmas. The dinner turned out beautiful. Sam was overwhelmed by the many gifts. He was spoiled and is still trying to ingest all that has occurred in the last 48 hours. I am glad that I am back home and able to host such an evening.

Stanley Park Train December 23,2008

We managed to head down to Stanley Park for the Bright Nights. Sam was entranced with all the lights and the displays. The train ride was like the icing on the cake. I am glad that I took the time to buy the tickets early and have a well planned event for us all. Just seeing Sam taking it all in was worth it all!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Sunday Snow Day December 21,2008

Sunday brought us a terrific snow day. We all headed out for a little fun and attemped to clear the driveway. Sam is just loving the whole season it is fantastic. I am enjoying seeing his exhuberence for the tasks at hand. Darren & I attemped to construct a little hill for him to slide down between Sam climbing up and the dogs running around it was quite a feat.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sam's Tree December 16,2008

A couple of years ago after Sam's arrival Grandpa George made Sam a tree. This year we managed to place it on his night table and I plugged it in last night. Sam marveled at the tree and the lights, and the fact is was in his room just for him. Let's put is this way he went to bed with out any stalling last night.

Crazy weekend December 13-14,2008

So when we arrived home on Friday night it was quite late and we scrambled in trying to jockey Sam to bed quickly. Once he was settled we started sorting ourselves out. Bronwynne was of coarse happy to see us but then sat herself on a mat and was fairly quite. I sat myself next to her thinking she was mad at us and just lonely. Well around the time we headed to bed she started to show signs that she wasn't quite right. So the evening turned into a morning and I found a 24 hour vet close us that was kind enough to see us at two in the morning.

Well at 8:30 when we all began to start our day Bronwynne showed no signs of improvement(she was unable to walk and here eyes were all shifty) even though we managed to leave the clinic with a clean bill of health. So off we went to our regular vet, they were kind enough to squeeze us in even though their Saturday was busy with appointments. To this moment we truly do not know what occured. The vet is convinced that she has gotten into something or injested some poison. The other theory is that she has had a minor stroke. She is on some meds and seems to be making a slow recovery. Her head is still tilted to her right but her spirits are up.

On a side note I had to go to Calgary for a night and I wanted to extend my gratitude to Jodi for taking the time to care for me. Thank you for your friendship.

Adventuring December 12,2008

On Friday we all got ready and headed out for an adventure as Sam would say. We took the liberty of taking Sam on the Skytrain which was something we had not had a chance to do up until now. We had a terrific day the only downside was that the rain was coming down like cats and dogs here. Thus, I choose not to bring the big camera and only had my old point and shoot. So only a few moments were capture that day. We managed to see a few light and christmas trees amongst the downtown landscape. We were in Pacific Center at one point and the power went out just our luck! Sam took little snooze before a bite to eat and then we headed home on the train again. All and all it was a great day!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Tree Hunting December 9,2008

On Darren's last day off we headed out and went hunting for the right Christmas Tree for our home. It is interesting to see Sam constantly evolving he was so excited. I know one year we will cave and purchase the fake tree especially the one with the lights already on it. But for at least one more year we have that Christmas tree smell wafting throughout our home. It is rather nice as we head down to the farm which is just down the street from us and one of he owners also works for Westjet.
All was going well until Sam found out we had to put the tree on the roof. Sometimes kids pick the strangest things to freak out about. Nothing a few snacks couldn't divert. Yay Mommy!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

More Sam Birthday pictures

A few more pictures to share I am sure I will upload an album on Flickr in a day or so. Just to give you some insight to Sam's big day we had all the kids make their own personalized pizza so shortly before the guest arrived we rolled out our dough that we make earlier that morning. Sam was thrilled to help with the rolling pin and press out the correct size circle for each pizza. When the guest arrived we handed our aprons so nobody would get their clothes dirty. I think Nicholas enjoyed his the most he had it on the entire party. Then as the pizzas were baking away in the ovens we headed downstairs for a snowflake craft. All the kids put their creative hats on and decorated their beautiful snowflakes, we put some ribbon through them and voila and ornament! Next we wrangled the kids upstairs to enjoy their tasty pizzas. After the kids ate the adults grab a bite to eat too. Sam just couldn't wait any longer so we sang Happy Birthday had some cupcakes and opened some lovely gifts.

Again a Thank You to all!

Sam's 3rd Birthday Party December 6,2008

My baby is no longer a baby. Sam had his 3rd birthday celebration on Saturday. He had all his buddies and a few family member to help him honor his 3rd year of life.


PS more picture to follow....

Bake Exchange December 5,2008

On Friday night I was fortunate to participate in the ladies annual bake exchange. We headed out for dinner at a Greek restaurant first and had a fabulous and very filling meal. We managed to start to get caught up with everyones live in the last few months. We continued our conversations at Laura's home as we went to exchange all of our baked goodies and have some coffee and tea to chase down our very filling dinners. Conversations continued and laughter was shared. We did try and take a few group photos which I am sharing but note to self bring tripod next time! Thanks ladies for another yummy and delicious bake exchange!

Monday, December 01, 2008

Just for fun December 1,2008

So I have been trying different programs and printing out the last little while I came across this Mosaic program and thought I would try it out.
I have posted the picture I have used and the Mosaic I produced with it. It would probably be a nice idea at the end of each year to take a favorite picture and use all the photos from that year!