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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Crazy weekend December 13-14,2008

So when we arrived home on Friday night it was quite late and we scrambled in trying to jockey Sam to bed quickly. Once he was settled we started sorting ourselves out. Bronwynne was of coarse happy to see us but then sat herself on a mat and was fairly quite. I sat myself next to her thinking she was mad at us and just lonely. Well around the time we headed to bed she started to show signs that she wasn't quite right. So the evening turned into a morning and I found a 24 hour vet close us that was kind enough to see us at two in the morning.

Well at 8:30 when we all began to start our day Bronwynne showed no signs of improvement(she was unable to walk and here eyes were all shifty) even though we managed to leave the clinic with a clean bill of health. So off we went to our regular vet, they were kind enough to squeeze us in even though their Saturday was busy with appointments. To this moment we truly do not know what occured. The vet is convinced that she has gotten into something or injested some poison. The other theory is that she has had a minor stroke. She is on some meds and seems to be making a slow recovery. Her head is still tilted to her right but her spirits are up.

On a side note I had to go to Calgary for a night and I wanted to extend my gratitude to Jodi for taking the time to care for me. Thank you for your friendship.

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