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Sunday, December 07, 2008

More Sam Birthday pictures

A few more pictures to share I am sure I will upload an album on Flickr in a day or so. Just to give you some insight to Sam's big day we had all the kids make their own personalized pizza so shortly before the guest arrived we rolled out our dough that we make earlier that morning. Sam was thrilled to help with the rolling pin and press out the correct size circle for each pizza. When the guest arrived we handed our aprons so nobody would get their clothes dirty. I think Nicholas enjoyed his the most he had it on the entire party. Then as the pizzas were baking away in the ovens we headed downstairs for a snowflake craft. All the kids put their creative hats on and decorated their beautiful snowflakes, we put some ribbon through them and voila and ornament! Next we wrangled the kids upstairs to enjoy their tasty pizzas. After the kids ate the adults grab a bite to eat too. Sam just couldn't wait any longer so we sang Happy Birthday had some cupcakes and opened some lovely gifts.

Again a Thank You to all!

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