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Friday, November 28, 2008

So far behind... November 28,2008

If you are still checking in I sincerely apologise. I have been quite far behind in my updating. So many activities and events have been going on I have not been on top of my game. I have posted a few of my favorites from Jodi & Jim's wedding and a photoshoot with the G family. There are many more in my flickr account. There are some many new things that I have been learning along with time management. So thank you for continuing to check in and hopefully I am back in the swing of regular posting again.


Saturday, November 08, 2008

Anniversary Dinner for M & D S November 7,2008

Last night we hosted a anniversary dinner for Mom & Dad S. Darren was in charge of the roast which had a coffee rub that we purchased in Maui last year. Long story short it was fabulous when we did sit down and eat but I can mention that Darren did manage to utilize most cooking surfaces and utensils available to him. We probably would have not had too much of a situation our hands except we did not manage our time effectively, thus the haste to make sure it was cooked to it's potential. So I can recap the crock pot was used, the stove, the oven and the BBQ and numerous amounts of dishes. This was not a normal occurence at our house. But it sure was fabulous when we did eat!
After dinner we played a little Wii. We bowled for a bit, then some baseball and golf, then the one we ended with was boxing. I can safely say everyone enjoyed themselves.

Happy 44th Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Day with Daddy! November 6,2008

Okay it wasn't a dream day of outdoor play as the rain has started here. But we did make the best of it. We had an enjoyable morning together then we headed out to do some errands. We rarely have time to stop and shop in Richmond as we are usually coming and going to the airport. We stopped a both major malls to look for a few finishing touches on our Christmas shopping. I was treated to a new winter coat! Yippee as I have had the same beautiful wool coat for 10 plus years. When they say classic styles I really believe it! LOL! Anyway we made the best of a rainy day Sam was enthralled to see a smoothy booth in the food court so Daddy treated. Then we cruised around and finally hit a children's play area in the mall it just happens to have a play plane to hop around on, Sam had a blast!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Jim & Jodi's Day November 1,2008

Friends, Family & Festivities. That is what the day was filled with for Jim & Jodi. We had the pleasure of being invited to our friends wedding and helping them celebrate their nuptials. What a beautiful day it was, yes it was slightly overcast but that did not dampen anyones spirits. Jim & Jodi exchanged vows amongst family and friends in the most beautiful and quaint chapel. The minister was well spoken and eased some nerves that may have been around. The ceremony proceeded smoothly and on to the celebrations and the reception which was well planned and gorgeously put together by another friend, Shannon. A small cake emergency was averted again thank to Shannon. And the evening continued with many smiles, laughter and a few tears. The M.C. Ben did a fabulous job, our dear friend Jill who was the Matron of Honor gave a touching and well thought out speech followed by Marnie , Jodi's sister. We danced the night away and also took the time to give thanks that all of our dear friends have found someone special to share their lives with!