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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pre-spring weather February 25,2010

So with all of this unusually warm weather we got out to enjoy it before it changed it's mind. We loaded up the dog and kid with supplies(ball & chucker & bike). Our destination was the Delta bog, it is always a good walk/bike ride for all of us. We end up leaving refreshed end for Bronwynne tired. Sam has really embraced riding his bike and this is a win/win for us as we can actually cover some distance. The rain had passed by the time we arrived and Bronwynne and Sam exited the car with extreme enthusiasm. The walk was calming and enjoyable and I even managed to get a few shots.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Olympic Fever February 19,2010

Darren finally came home after a long pairing/training session in YYC. So we enjoyed a day together then planned a venture into Vancouver to get caught up in Olympic Fever. From the car ride to the sky train ride Sam was excited. We hopped on the skytrain and you could feel the buzz. Cowbells were resonating everywhere, a sea of red and white were blinding us! It was truly exciting, when we took the new Canada line right into the heart of the city it was great. We shuffled with the crowds here and there. Enjoyed free entertainment on the streets, saw where the news cast were being broadcast from, the sun was beaming everywhere we went. The Olympic cauldren was a sight to see even with the fence. We enjoyed our day milling from a variety of sights, it was truly entertaining and exciting to feel the spirit of the Olympics and how it has touch our city and our people.
When we returned to the car Sam fell right to sleep!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Patriotic Post February 2010

The 2010 Olympics have commenced and we are all cheering. Sam & I were able to catch the opening ceremonies on Friday night and my heart filled with joy knowing this was all happening in our own backyard. Sam had many questions and I did my best to fill in the blanks. He enjoyed all of the entertainment but really enjoyed the music, dance and loved the different settings and holograms. I like many other Canadians have swelled with pride.
But amongst all of the sports activity going on here is the exposure of our great country. I have been fortunate to travel and live in different provinces and territories. I feel that if you have the chance and opportunity to experience the fresh sea air in Prince Edward Island, have lobster in Nova Scotia, see the sleeping giant in Thunder Bay, get caught up in the Calgary Stampede excitement, paddle a canoe in the light of the evening up north and hike in the lush green forests of British Columbia. Now this will never touch the surface of what our vast and wonderful country has to offer but if you have the chance to experience it get out there and do! Canada won't disappoint.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Hop to YYC! February 5-6,2010

Sam & I had the unique opportunity to hop on a plane to Calgary and check out the new airplane(Boeing 737-800 series) delivered to Westjet. They were holding an open house in the hanger for friends and family. I had been in contact with some friends of ours that reside in Calgary and happen to be fellow Westjetters. They extend and offer for Sam & I to spend the night and do a little catch up and also watch on a soccer game that their little guy was playing in on Saturday.
So we packed our bags, dropped off Bronwynne at Grandma & Papa's house and headed to the airport. Sam was just giddy and well so was I. We boarded the plane got comfortable and waited while the crew did their thing. While were were waiting I noticed what I thought was a familiar face. I questioned the flight attendant closest to me and she confirmed my thoughts. It was our friend Dan whom we were going to visit. She made a quick call to let him know we were on board. While he was making the welcome aboard announcement he went the extra mile and mentioned Sam & I. We were smiling from ear to ear in our seats.
Once we arrived we had time for a quick photo op with Dan in the flight deck then off to meet his family(Jodi & Taylor) at arrivals. And the way it all worked out Dan was able to head to the Westjet hanger to check out the new airplane with us as he had a few hours in between his next flight. I have to say not only were the kids in awe of this new plane so were us adults it was a wonderful opportunity for all of us to participate in this occasion.
After all the flurry of activity we headed back to their home and had a wonderful home cooked meal and enjoyed catching up.
The next morning we hung out had a lovely breakfast, then got ready to watch T's soccer game. Which they managed to win 29-2. We headed to the airport to catch our late afternoon flight and barely managed to squeeze on but all was well.
We picked up Bronwynne and had a lovely roast beef dinner with everyone. (Sorry Darren you missed out).
This was one of the best 24 trips! We are lucky!

Monday, February 01, 2010

Overdue post... still here... February 1,2010

Yes I am still here I apologize for not being more regular on the posting. I have been in a photography slump and it is easing it's way through. January has been mostly gray and cloudy with rain here and it begins to eat away at you every once and awhile.I feel like I could tackle many projects but can't get excited to start any of them. I am sure that something will give way and jump start my creative juices.

I have been considering many topics to discuss but one that seems to keep coming to a fore fronts is a cleansing of the mind if you will. I thought about this post at the beginning of the year, starting fresh and all but here we go. Throughout my days I often wonder how and what people are doing that I have crossed pathes with. Throughout our lives I am sure that there are many growing moments and moments you would like to take back if you could. I have a few that replay in my head every so often. And so at this time I wish to apologize to a few people whom I think I have offended over the years. Carole O'Connell,Laura Vanin, Leiko Ejima and Cindy Rukavina. I don't expect anything to come of this little post except to say that I was incorrect in situations and I hope that they will forgive me for that.

On to what I have not been blogging about and well you know it is Sam. This month at school they have been talking about space and we had a space day which I did manage to mention. Friday was party day at school where they get to share what they have learned about and sing a few songs. Sam did well, I do however wish he could continue to stand on the line that the rest of the kids manage to stay on. He has a few day dreamy moments but carries on.

Sunday found Sam heading out with Auntie Karen & Sarah for a movie at the theater. Rumor has it that he did well except for one moment of and out loud scream of concern for the character. Later that afternoon Sarah stayed and hung out with Sam for a few hours, he had a blast pretending to look for hammy the hamster(pretend) which he got for xmas(by the way if and when we find him we must throw him out as he contains lead and there has been a recall on them Zhu Zhu).

Well I hope this finds you and your families doing well and keeping busy. I promise to post more often and hope that you will stick around too.