Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pre-spring weather February 25,2010

So with all of this unusually warm weather we got out to enjoy it before it changed it's mind. We loaded up the dog and kid with supplies(ball & chucker & bike). Our destination was the Delta bog, it is always a good walk/bike ride for all of us. We end up leaving refreshed end for Bronwynne tired. Sam has really embraced riding his bike and this is a win/win for us as we can actually cover some distance. The rain had passed by the time we arrived and Bronwynne and Sam exited the car with extreme enthusiasm. The walk was calming and enjoyable and I even managed to get a few shots.

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Brookswood Mommy said...

I used to jog through there all the time when we lived in the area. Where did you get Sam's helmet? We need to get one like that for Madison to use while riding and skating.