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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oregon Coast with Friends July 31-August 5,2010

Our summer vacation included a week with our good friends. We planned a vacation down the Oregon coast. Our stay took us to Lincoln City, we booked a vacation house that would hold all seventeen of us. Our house was perfect! We all made it down safe and sounds. Our particular drive ended up being a little later in the evening, as Darren's red eye flight was a little bit late in arriving the Saturday morning that we were leaving. It all worked out as Sam & I stayed at Grandma & Papa's house the night before. We managed to get a walk with Bronwynne in the evening and in the morning before we departed. When Darren arrived we shuffled him from work mode to vacation mode. Placed him in the passenger seat and we were off like a herd of turtles. Our drive went rather smoothly I was hoping Darren would have a chance to rest in the car as he had been up most of the previous night flying. We arrived at the house around nine o'clock everyone was glad to see us and helped us get settled. The following days included wonderful food, conversations and a lot of laughter!
For some of you that don't know, most of our group has been together since grade school, we have married and brought our spouses in our tight knit group, we are very fortunate to have each other. Hopefully there will be more trips like this in our future!

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Without my right arm. July 23-26,2010

So I finally took my Nikon in to be cleaned and serviced. I had a lens that was in dire need of repair and my camera was filthy. I have to say as dirty as it was it was a tough decision. But our upcoming vacation was helping me make the correct choice. So Sam & I ventured out one day to do a lot of errands, and one of those was driving to Richmond to Nikon. Well I found the location not problems, the lady I spoke to was friendly and helpful. I explain my situation and said I would leave the camera and if they managed to get to it great if not I would pick up later the next week, as I had left this entire process to the last minute. Well this lady was terrific, within a few days she called to say no problems and I could pick my baby up! Yippeeeeee! So as I had been trying to continue with my 365 project my iphone cam in very handy.

Zip Treking @ Whistler July 14-15,2010

Darren surprised me by throwing together a last minute get away just the two of us. He came home from work started sending a few emails. Called Grandma & Papa to see if they would take Sam & Bronny for a night. Everything was falling into place. We dropped everyone off, then set off. Of coarse this was a drive Darren had been waiting to do. The weather was fabulous, the road up to Whistler was perfect. We stopped in Squamish at a little bakery/shop had a lovely lunch. When we arrived in the village walked around. It is truly nice to just spend some one on one time with your lover/friend. I am a very lucky lady!
We headed out for a great evening filled with tasty food live entertainment and a lot of laughter. The next morning, we strolled around had a coffee and breakfast at Starbucks. Our appointment was at around eleven. I was very excited, this had been on my wish list for years. We shuffled to our set group, introduced ourselves then got geared up. Took a van ride up towards the bob sled area. Had some education about the forest and animals. Then all the fun began. We did the eagle tour and it was more than I could have imagined and I would highly suggest it for anyone. The youngest in our group was 8 and the oldest was 80.
So if you have the opportunity to go zip treking. DO!