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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Without my right arm. July 23-26,2010

So I finally took my Nikon in to be cleaned and serviced. I had a lens that was in dire need of repair and my camera was filthy. I have to say as dirty as it was it was a tough decision. But our upcoming vacation was helping me make the correct choice. So Sam & I ventured out one day to do a lot of errands, and one of those was driving to Richmond to Nikon. Well I found the location not problems, the lady I spoke to was friendly and helpful. I explain my situation and said I would leave the camera and if they managed to get to it great if not I would pick up later the next week, as I had left this entire process to the last minute. Well this lady was terrific, within a few days she called to say no problems and I could pick my baby up! Yippeeeeee! So as I had been trying to continue with my 365 project my iphone cam in very handy.

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