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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sam's first big snowfall Sunday November 26,2006

Just a few pictures of our walk from this afternoon.

Our frozen friend. We didn't build him but thought we would capture him in time!
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Winter Wonderland Sunday November 26,2006

Just a few shots from around the yard. Darren offered to feed Sam his breakfast so I could get out in the yard a grab a few shots before the sun came out and melted it. So off I went. Well I managed to capture a few shots below. But hey the sun didn't really come out and melt everything away it is still snowing and I actually will be doing separate entry of shots from our walk. Enjoy!

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Hold the phones, Stop the press! Friday November 24,2006

Well after a year and a bit of living in BC we finally managed to get together with Jordie, Michelle, Charlie & Nicholas. I have been terrible and we haven't seen each other like we should have. Well friday evening we got together. It went rather quickly but it was a nice visit. Here are a few shots of the kids.

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Meeting Hugo Vaughn November 22,2006

Last Wednesday I was fortunate enough to be invited to photograph friends Leiko & Orson's newest arrival. I was just giddy knowing that they were opening their home for me to come and hopefully capture a few moments of their little guy's life. I had a wonderful time with all of them and hopefully got a few good shots. Here are a couple for you to see. Thank you again Leiko, Orson & Hugo.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Cassandra's B Day November 19,2006

A few pictures from Cassandra's 2nd Birthday.I was actually having trouble downloading them as Jill had sent them to me because(Take a deep breath). I forgot my camera! I know I can't believe it either. Anyway it was a wonderful party. Jill did a fabulous job on the Dora cake I wished I had photos for you to see. It was also very delicous! The above picture is Jacob, Shannon's eldest
Here is the birthday girl!
Kaitlyn(Cassandra's sister) & Charlie(Michelle's eldest)
A group shot from left to right, Kaitlyn, Sam, Cassandra, Max, Charlie, Nicholas & Jacob. We are missing Brady & Hugo. Maybe we will get that shot at Sam's bday.

A thank you to Jodi who took the photos with Jill's camera! Posted by Picasa

Monday, November 20, 2006

Goofing around with Daddy November 20,2006

Just Sam & Darren goofing around Darren was getting his bags ready to leave again and Sam looked like he could use some entertaining. A fathers love hey!

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This is what happens when the shower goes on! November 19,2006

So this is what happens when the water runs. It's like a text message going out for free food. I haven't figured out who gets the best shower yet, the actual person in the tub or the ones outside the tub!
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Twinkle Toes November 18,2006

Sarah had a dance recital on Saturday so Sam & I managed to go and see Sarah show off what she has learned. It was a nice time and we are glad that we could be there to see her dance. Sam just like all the girls dancing around I think he thought I was all for him!

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In the Darkness Wednesday November 15,2006

Here is Sam & The Girlz in the darkenss. The power was out when we arrived home in the afternoon. Sam and the dogs were entertained with Sam constantly moving the flashlight around. It was like one big camping trip stubbling around in the night. Worry about food going bad, and tripping over stuff you forgot that you placed there. Oddles of fun! We did managed to head over to Grandma & Grandpa Jarvis' the next day as our house was an ice box.

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Hanging out with the girls! November 7,2006

Just a picture of Sam hanging out with Bronwynne & Utah. Utah is our rental dog. Well actually she is our friends dog just staying with us for a while. It doesn't seem to phase Sam that there is another brown dog hanging around just more kisses. Posted by Picasa

Who won Sam or the coffee table? November 7,2006

Side profile shows nothing to be concerned about ...

when you see the full face you realize that maybe the coffee table prevailed.
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Geocashing with the Olafson's

We met up with Todd, Donna, Kyle & Brandon to do some geocashing we had a wonderful walk and no luck with the geocashing, oh well another day.

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Soggy & Sassy Sam November 4,2006

Just can't resist character like this!

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