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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Cassandra's B Day November 19,2006

A few pictures from Cassandra's 2nd Birthday.I was actually having trouble downloading them as Jill had sent them to me because(Take a deep breath). I forgot my camera! I know I can't believe it either. Anyway it was a wonderful party. Jill did a fabulous job on the Dora cake I wished I had photos for you to see. It was also very delicous! The above picture is Jacob, Shannon's eldest
Here is the birthday girl!
Kaitlyn(Cassandra's sister) & Charlie(Michelle's eldest)
A group shot from left to right, Kaitlyn, Sam, Cassandra, Max, Charlie, Nicholas & Jacob. We are missing Brady & Hugo. Maybe we will get that shot at Sam's bday.

A thank you to Jodi who took the photos with Jill's camera! Posted by Picasa

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