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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Evening Bubbles July 13,2010

We had enjoyed dinner on our patio and were just hanging around watching Sam in his play fort and Bronwynne was enjoying running around playing fetch! Then Sam wanted to play with bubbles which was fine. Well then the yummy, dreamy light show up. I reached for my camera and voila!

Canoeing @ Pitt Lake July 13,2010

Darren had a few days off so we were trying to make the best of the wonderful weather. We decided to head out for a couples hours of canoeing. We loaded up with a lunch, extra clothes and towels. Cleaned up the canoe and loaded everybody up in the car.
Sam was very excited to head out for the afternoon. Now Bronwynne would have rather swam for the entire afternoon. We found a compromise for everyone and had a fantastic time.

Making Snakes July 9,2010

What do you do when it is too hot outside to play all day long. You make snakes! Yes I can't believe I said those words too! The past weeks it has been just lovely and I am very grateful but, one can not be out in the full sun all day long. Sam I have have been doing a variety of things and this craft was one of our latest.
I found this link and knew Sam would enjoy the activity and the results. So we set off to our local thrift store to find some snazzy ties. We had one more stop at the dollar store as I ran out of google eyes. Once we returned we got straight to work. We stuffed, stuffed took a little break, then continued stuffing. We selected the appropriate size eyes and I glued them and the snake tongue. I choose not to put a rattler in the tail for good reasons!
And if I say so myself they turned out fabulously! So welcome home Stefano and Sebastion.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Two Wheels June 29,2010

We managed another milestone at our house. We have taken off the training wheels of Sam's bike. Darren has been working up to this long awaited moment. Like most kids Sam can be gently nudged into a decision but not shoved. Darren has been mentioning for months that the training wheels were just getting in the way and Sam disagreed. So alas, Darren knew Sam was beyond ready and just removed the wheels. We had a moment of freak out but eventually it pass and now I have a little boy riding on his two wheels.
Funny moments like this make me remember the moment my Dad let go of me riding on my purple bike, riding up the street say I'm doing it!

So yay for Dad's! I hope Sam can treasure this moment like I do.

Couple of videos of the moment!

One more video that Darren compiled (password is Sam)

Sam on two wheels from Lisa Jarvis on Vimeo.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Preschool Grad June 25,2010

As this school year comes to a close it is the first of many for us. We are truly grateful to have been enrolled at Wind & Tide. Sam really found his voice and learned many new and exciting topics. We met and have been surrounded by wonderful new friends and fantastic teacher's. Words cannot express our gratitude for all that has been shared and expressed this year, we will treasure it all.
Our final day included enjoying three plays by all the children. Sam was a part of The Three Little Pigs, he was the big bad wolf! And did a great job! All the children participated in a few songs, we watched a video of all the years accomplishments and achievements. And finally all the children were called one by one and handed a preschool diploma, which was also a book of each of the months teachings.
A big thank you to Teacher Anne and Teach Bev for all that they have given.