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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Making Snakes July 9,2010

What do you do when it is too hot outside to play all day long. You make snakes! Yes I can't believe I said those words too! The past weeks it has been just lovely and I am very grateful but, one can not be out in the full sun all day long. Sam I have have been doing a variety of things and this craft was one of our latest.
I found this link and knew Sam would enjoy the activity and the results. So we set off to our local thrift store to find some snazzy ties. We had one more stop at the dollar store as I ran out of google eyes. Once we returned we got straight to work. We stuffed, stuffed took a little break, then continued stuffing. We selected the appropriate size eyes and I glued them and the snake tongue. I choose not to put a rattler in the tail for good reasons!
And if I say so myself they turned out fabulously! So welcome home Stefano and Sebastion.

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