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Friday, May 29, 2009

After dinner May 29,2009

After dinner we headed out to finished up so projects and look who decides to finally ride his bike! Yippee! I was beginning to think the bike was going to be another sweater hanger at our house. But Sam was cruising up and down the drive. Yes I know he didn't have his helmet on but for future he will!
You will find some more pictures from this evening, there was great light too bad I was trying to run around and video too!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A night out with the Girlz May 22,2009

The girlz had our monthly get together but instead of crafting we opted just to have dinner and chat. We were invited to Jodi's lovely home, which in fact was even better because they had just done some renos and we were all able to check out all the wonderful choices they had made. Most of the group could come we actually were just missing one, maybe next time. A lovely greek dinner was prepared and enjoyed by all. Jill was kind enough to bring a fabulous blueberry cheesecake which was delicious. And of coarse many happenings occurred during the evening but what happens with the girlz stays with the girlz!

Thanks Ladies! Looking forward to our next gathering.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rodeo Parade May 16,2009

Today we received an early morning phone call from Honey inviting us to the rodeo parade. We jumped into action and threw breakfast together and some presentable clothing. It looked cooler than it actually turned out to be quite a lovely day. We headed into the correct area for the parade selected a parking spot and followed the crowds. Selecting from limited space we pulled up a part of the sidewalk curb and waited for all the action. Sam was fully engrossed with all the fire trucks, ambulances and diggers that headed our way. He also enjoyed the square dancers and horses we saw along the parade route.
After the parade we were going to treat Grandpa and Honey to coffee but Auntie Donna was kind enough to put on a pot so we stopped by for a quick visit.

Hope you are enjoying your long weekend too!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Artsy Fartsy May 10,2009each

Mothers's day found Sam & I in each others company as Darren was working. We had a nice morning together. Went for a walk with our neighbours and tuckered the dogs out a bit. We came home and decided to venture on the deck and enjoy some of the beautiful sunshine. I set up Sam's easel and brought out the paint, paper and better yet one of Darren's old shirts. Sam had a hay day painting up a storm and with the completion of each master piece we hung them on the clothes line to dry. When we picked Darren up late last night Sam proceeded to share what each creation was the first didn't have and exact description except that he used two blues, the second was a storm cloud of coarse and the third and final painting was many bits and pieces such as a lady and her hand.
And the dogs you ask just lounged around and Sam was in his creative mode.

Hope your Mother's Day was filled with great moments.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Mother's Day Brunch @ Dormain de Chaberton May 9,2009

My sister in law Pauline was kind enough to get in to contact with all of us and suggest that we partake in a lovely brunch at the local winery Dormain de Chaberton. We managed to be on time and find care for our children(okay just mine and Darren is out of town, Grandpa took him). We arrived to beautifully tuck in bistro, and the aromas from the cuisine smelled fabulous. Once seated we glanced at our menus made a few decisions and we chatted up a storm, enjoyed a great meal and some tasty deserts, and of coarse good wine.

Thank you!

Pre Mothers Day Dinner May 7,2009

We hosted a pre Mothers Day dinner as Darren was not going to be home on Sunday so we had Mom & Dad J over for dinner. Darren put a lovely meal together he made homemade ravioli stuffed with ricotta cheese and fresh herbs accompanied by a chicken wrapped in back bacon and fresh basil with a green salad. The meal was lovely and so was the company.
Happy Mothers Day!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Birthday Party for Brady's 5th May 3

We ventured of to celebrate Brady's 5th birthday where does the time go? We all had a wonderful time as the kids ran around and learned a few new things. We were in attendance at a Gymnastics venue. The instructor had them doing numerous tasks to which some might have taken a few shortcuts. Overall I suspect by the joy in all of their voices everyone was pleased and Brady is now another year older! Happy Birthday Brady!

Thanks for having us!

PS more pics in the flickr

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Lazy Saturday May 2,2009

Even though we have Sam we haven't entered in to the weekends where you run around with your head chopped off because we are over schedualed. I am sure in time we will adapt to some activities. But for now we are just enjoying the simpler lifestyle. This morning we all awoke for our morning snuggle which lead to coffee and a warm milk while we read a few pages of our books. We managed to pull ourselves together for a walk at the beach with the dogs.

Hope your Saturday was fill with moments that you could savour too!