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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Overnight @ Ft. Casey May 20-21,2010

With the dollar being as good as has been we took the opportunity to head across the boarder to replenish Darren's wardrobe. We had a lovely time headed to Trader Joe's which I am in love with. Then did a bit of shopping at the Seattle Premium Outlet mall. Found a few items. As were we're heading home we remembered Mom & Dad were camping at Fort Casey. In a last minute decision we went to join them for the evening. Sam was pleased as couldn't wait to do an overnight of camping. We had a lovely time and the next day we managed to get in a little kite flying, rock searching and walking the grounds. Bronwynne was pleased as punch being able to go swimming and savoured every moment. On the way home yesterday evening the back seat was extremely quite.

Pond Field Trip May 19,2010

The weather was kind enough to hold off so Sam's preschool could venture out on a long awaited field trip. We were scheduled for a field trip last month but the weather was uncooperative. We were fortunate as the pond field trip was to be a public park. But one of the parents offered her property. The kids had a great time running, exploring and learning about all the living creatures amongst us. As usual the brilliant teachers were organized with multiple stations for the kids to try a variety of tasks and get their wheels turning. A lovely time was had by all and best of all Sam did not end up in the pond! YAY!

A little link for the pics

Sunday, May 16, 2010

This and that!.... May 16,2010

Since we have returned to reality. It has been a slow process. Back to school, back to laundry and all of my other hobbies(cooking, cleaning etc. LOL).
We have been enjoying wonderful weather here so there has been no excuse not to get up and go. With gardening, organizing, hikes and walks. So that is exactly what we have been up to.
We have enjoyed dinners of Fondue, trying new recipes from The Pioneer Woman's cookbook, Ina Garten's cookbook Back to Basics .
Sam & had a chance to hang out at with the family at Uncle Dale's garage sale. We had lots of fun and feel blessed to be included in such activities.
We have been out on evening walks and hikes up to the Golden Ears Park. It is amazing that we have all of the many wonders at our finger tips. We underestimate what is right around the corner from us.
Since our return from Maui, Sam has enjoyed sporting googles in the tub as he can now hold his breath and place his face in the water.
Darren's toy headed to the garage for some much needed work and now Sam is safely able to ride in the back. We headed up the valley in search of a local dairy for some tasty ice cream. And the ride was lovely too!
Hope you have had a chance to enjoy some of our lovely weather too!

Friday, May 07, 2010

Maui Vacation April 22-30,2010

We had a chance to escape to paradise and we did. Darren called me from Toronto one day I was shopping at the Superstore mentioned a deal and the next thing we were packing. I feel so grateful to be able to take advantage of something like this.

Sam was more that pleased to be heading out on a vacation. He would see the items being piled up in the spare room ready for packing and eagerly try to assist. We purchased new swim trunks & swim shirt and he was pleased as punch.

We flew in during the day so we were able to see the beautiful blue, green waters, a true sight to see. During our search to find a place to stay we made many inquiries but one caught our attention so we made a reservation and that was that. And boy and I am glad we did. The location was wonderful, there were many pools to choose from and the room was gorgeous. I wouldn't hesitate to stay again, heck I found it hard to leave! The place was called the Honua Kai Resort.

When travelling with a four year old you never know what is going to happen or what they are truly going to enjoy. Well our vacation landed us at the Doctors, just to make sure Sam's nagging cough was not turning into anything we should be concerned about. And well the lovely pools were a hit, considering Sam didn't want to get his feet dirty with all that lovely sand! KIDS!

We of coarse made the best of all situations. We ate like kings. Relaxed and enjoyed the surroundings. Our travelling companions included my in laws who were kind enough to tolerate us. Sam was glad to have them swimming right along side of him especially when he put his face in the water, jumped in the water and just plain old floated in the water.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Working on a updated post. May 5,2010

Hello all,

Just wanted to let you know that I am working on a post and will be back in the next day.