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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spark March 25,2010

I had the opportunity to soak up some knowledge from a pro Mom from preschool. Her name is Jen and she was kind enough to offer her services of photographing our children if we wanted to sign up. Jen set up her equipment in one of the rooms at the church, I was in awe of her talent and knowledge. She was kind enough to let me invade her space while she worked and answered questions,shared information. Jen even encouraged me to take a few shots with my camera. I walked away from this experience with a new spark and enthusiasm for photography.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Bronwynne the Birthday Girl March 12,2010

Bronwynne turned 7 today. So in honor of my four leg child a blog post. Now there are people out there who are not animal people and will struggle with this post but, I forge on.
Bronwynne was gift to us at a great time in our lives. We welcomed her into our home and she has gifted us unconditional love and affection. She is everything a chocolate lab should be and more. She is a true glutton, and absolute lover and a gentle soul. When we brought Samuel home from the hospital I couldn't wait for the two of them too meet. They have been buddies since. Sam will often mention we should get home because Bronwynne will be lonely .
Life is good! So Bronwynne Happy 7th Birthday!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Eton Mess Dessert March 10,2010

As a part of March Madness I had planned on contributing a dessert, but as the day came upon me I decided not to. So I felt obligated to follow through and attempt this dessert for our dinner.
I began by making a pavlova. Once that had cooled I proceeded to whip my cream. I had cut and macerated my strawberries earlier that morning. So all ingredients were ready to go.
I broke up my pavlova and crumbled large pieces into a bowl. I spooned the strawberries and whipped cream a top the mixture and folded it together. Voila!

Sunday, March 07, 2010

March Madness March 7,2010

If you haven't tuned in before and have no idea what I am making note of I will fill you in right now. March is a very busy month for our family we celebrate Mom & Dad's anniversary, Dale, Dave, Pauline & Rachel's birthdays.
Our regular custom is to gather everyone for a family meal and enjoy each other company. This year had a few twists. Mom & Dad were celebrating 45 years together in marriage and one of my brother in laws has moved. We were able to get together in his new residence which was a lovely change.
It was unfortunate that Darren was not home to enjoy the evening with us all. We dined on a tasty appetizer, and enjoyed a steak dinner to boot! Of coarse there was cake and ice cream which the kids were delighted to see.
We enjoyed moments to pay tribute to each of our honored guests. Our final presentation included adoration for 45 years of marriage. Mom & Dad reseated themselves and opened a card signed by all of us and our well wishes. And opened our gift that was expressly choosen with them in mind.
We hope and wish everyone health and happiness as they venture into another year of adventure and exploration.