Friday, March 12, 2010

Bronwynne the Birthday Girl March 12,2010

Bronwynne turned 7 today. So in honor of my four leg child a blog post. Now there are people out there who are not animal people and will struggle with this post but, I forge on.
Bronwynne was gift to us at a great time in our lives. We welcomed her into our home and she has gifted us unconditional love and affection. She is everything a chocolate lab should be and more. She is a true glutton, and absolute lover and a gentle soul. When we brought Samuel home from the hospital I couldn't wait for the two of them too meet. They have been buddies since. Sam will often mention we should get home because Bronwynne will be lonely .
Life is good! So Bronwynne Happy 7th Birthday!

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Dan Charlesworth said...

Happy Birthday from Utah and the gang in Calgary.