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Sunday, March 07, 2010

March Madness March 7,2010

If you haven't tuned in before and have no idea what I am making note of I will fill you in right now. March is a very busy month for our family we celebrate Mom & Dad's anniversary, Dale, Dave, Pauline & Rachel's birthdays.
Our regular custom is to gather everyone for a family meal and enjoy each other company. This year had a few twists. Mom & Dad were celebrating 45 years together in marriage and one of my brother in laws has moved. We were able to get together in his new residence which was a lovely change.
It was unfortunate that Darren was not home to enjoy the evening with us all. We dined on a tasty appetizer, and enjoyed a steak dinner to boot! Of coarse there was cake and ice cream which the kids were delighted to see.
We enjoyed moments to pay tribute to each of our honored guests. Our final presentation included adoration for 45 years of marriage. Mom & Dad reseated themselves and opened a card signed by all of us and our well wishes. And opened our gift that was expressly choosen with them in mind.
We hope and wish everyone health and happiness as they venture into another year of adventure and exploration.

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