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Friday, August 05, 2011

Craft projects July 14 & 19,2011

In lieu of the not so summery weather around here Sam & I have been quite busy with a few craft projects her and the
re. One of the projects was called star in jars, we were pretty excited about this one. Especially knowing that there was suppose to be glowing. I was even surprised when I found glow in the dark paint at Micheals. Well we set straight to work with some select jars painting away. Then we let them dry in the window sill for the day. When night came we held or breath and waited and waited and not to much glowing proceeded. FAIL! So I am on the look outfor glow in the dark powder that you add to paint if anyone knows where to get some.

An additional project that we worked on was making sidewalk chalk. Now this was allot of fun. We found some in expensive plaster of paris at OPUS. Mixed with some paint and water and voila, SIDEWALK CHALK! We poured ours in a variety of molds to see which ones would work better. We tried money rollers and toilet paper rolls, both worked out well. Sam was amazed when he came down the next morning and the chalk had dried. This was also a science experiment as there was an exothermic reaction happening.

Trip to Whistler July 8-11,2011

Managed a little get away to Whistler as Darren's schedule is quite busy with that thing we call work. So we booked a room, dropped Bronwynne off at Grandma & Papa's and head up to the mountains. (we could take Brownynne next time the hotel allows them)
The weather was pretty decent considering our July has been not so inconsistent. On the way to whistler we stopped and the Britannia Mining Museum, well worth the stop. Sam loved every moment of it. Our days were filled when we did arrive in Whistler. We would ride our bikes in the morning with Sam on his trail a bike then come back for lunch and switch. Sam would ride his regular bike. This idea of this thinking gave us a chance to go farther and explore, then build his confidence in the later part of the day. We managed to do both trail and path riding which was fantastic.
The village was full of buskers and live entertainment. We ate out a few times and enjoyed an array of tasty treats. A good little get away!