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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rodeo Parade May 16,2009

Today we received an early morning phone call from Honey inviting us to the rodeo parade. We jumped into action and threw breakfast together and some presentable clothing. It looked cooler than it actually turned out to be quite a lovely day. We headed into the correct area for the parade selected a parking spot and followed the crowds. Selecting from limited space we pulled up a part of the sidewalk curb and waited for all the action. Sam was fully engrossed with all the fire trucks, ambulances and diggers that headed our way. He also enjoyed the square dancers and horses we saw along the parade route.
After the parade we were going to treat Grandpa and Honey to coffee but Auntie Donna was kind enough to put on a pot so we stopped by for a quick visit.

Hope you are enjoying your long weekend too!

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