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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Hop to YYC! February 5-6,2010

Sam & I had the unique opportunity to hop on a plane to Calgary and check out the new airplane(Boeing 737-800 series) delivered to Westjet. They were holding an open house in the hanger for friends and family. I had been in contact with some friends of ours that reside in Calgary and happen to be fellow Westjetters. They extend and offer for Sam & I to spend the night and do a little catch up and also watch on a soccer game that their little guy was playing in on Saturday.
So we packed our bags, dropped off Bronwynne at Grandma & Papa's house and headed to the airport. Sam was just giddy and well so was I. We boarded the plane got comfortable and waited while the crew did their thing. While were were waiting I noticed what I thought was a familiar face. I questioned the flight attendant closest to me and she confirmed my thoughts. It was our friend Dan whom we were going to visit. She made a quick call to let him know we were on board. While he was making the welcome aboard announcement he went the extra mile and mentioned Sam & I. We were smiling from ear to ear in our seats.
Once we arrived we had time for a quick photo op with Dan in the flight deck then off to meet his family(Jodi & Taylor) at arrivals. And the way it all worked out Dan was able to head to the Westjet hanger to check out the new airplane with us as he had a few hours in between his next flight. I have to say not only were the kids in awe of this new plane so were us adults it was a wonderful opportunity for all of us to participate in this occasion.
After all the flurry of activity we headed back to their home and had a wonderful home cooked meal and enjoyed catching up.
The next morning we hung out had a lovely breakfast, then got ready to watch T's soccer game. Which they managed to win 29-2. We headed to the airport to catch our late afternoon flight and barely managed to squeeze on but all was well.
We picked up Bronwynne and had a lovely roast beef dinner with everyone. (Sorry Darren you missed out).
This was one of the best 24 trips! We are lucky!

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