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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Olympic Fever February 19,2010

Darren finally came home after a long pairing/training session in YYC. So we enjoyed a day together then planned a venture into Vancouver to get caught up in Olympic Fever. From the car ride to the sky train ride Sam was excited. We hopped on the skytrain and you could feel the buzz. Cowbells were resonating everywhere, a sea of red and white were blinding us! It was truly exciting, when we took the new Canada line right into the heart of the city it was great. We shuffled with the crowds here and there. Enjoyed free entertainment on the streets, saw where the news cast were being broadcast from, the sun was beaming everywhere we went. The Olympic cauldren was a sight to see even with the fence. We enjoyed our day milling from a variety of sights, it was truly entertaining and exciting to feel the spirit of the Olympics and how it has touch our city and our people.
When we returned to the car Sam fell right to sleep!

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