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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Anniversary Dinner for M & D S November 7,2008

Last night we hosted a anniversary dinner for Mom & Dad S. Darren was in charge of the roast which had a coffee rub that we purchased in Maui last year. Long story short it was fabulous when we did sit down and eat but I can mention that Darren did manage to utilize most cooking surfaces and utensils available to him. We probably would have not had too much of a situation our hands except we did not manage our time effectively, thus the haste to make sure it was cooked to it's potential. So I can recap the crock pot was used, the stove, the oven and the BBQ and numerous amounts of dishes. This was not a normal occurence at our house. But it sure was fabulous when we did eat!
After dinner we played a little Wii. We bowled for a bit, then some baseball and golf, then the one we ended with was boxing. I can safely say everyone enjoyed themselves.

Happy 44th Anniversary Mom & Dad!

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An Accomplished Woman said...

I used vegetable oil I love your pictures of the Wii. Wii bowling is the best. Thanks for the visit.