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Friday, May 19, 2006

No pictures today. But just the realization that family and friends are truly important. I know having Samuel is a true gift as too are the people that you surround yourself with. I attended a funeral today. I was in attendance with my Mom & Dad. We exchanged thoughts and stories on the way there, that it is nice to be surrounded by material possesions and work hard to aquire such items. But really when you look back on the bigger picture it is what you made of your life. The savoured moments made with family and friends. You can have a lovely big house but if you do not fill it with people and events it is not a HOME. We are given this one time to live our lives to the fullest. If you are unable to live with an open heart and mind then you might be missing it! I am truly grateful that Darren & I have made friends where ever we have lived and continue to have those friendships flourish. And yet being home with our families is a priceless time and I know that we will do our best to make everyday count!

On a side note. Sam was wonderful today. Especially being such a hit with everybody. It was nice to know in any language that you have a terrific child. I actually had a gentleman say it is nice to see a baby at a funeral. Translated I presume he was saying that we live a full circle. When one life is over another just begins!

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