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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Visting Daddy for the Day May 30,2006

Well today Sam & I went down to meet Darren. He was in Vancouver for the day. So we packed up and picked him up from the Vancouver airport. He was sure glad to see us. We all went out for a late breakfast of coarse al the ladies in IHOP were ga-ga over Sam(such a nice feeling). Then we spent the afternoon just milling around together. Finally we went to the Yohan(sp) center and gathered up a few thing for Darren's lunch and a collection of goodies for us for dinner. We had some sticky rice wrapped in a banana leaf, pot sticker and spring rolls. We hung out in the hotel room till the last of the rush hour was over then Sam & I headed home.

When we pulled up in our driveway. Mom & Dad Samuelson were here. Mom spent the entire gardening and planting day lillies in our front garden as you walk up to our house it looks beautiful and we are so greatful.

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