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Friday, October 14, 2011

Darren's Bday August 18,2011

When I read Darren's August schedule I couldn't believe my eyes. Darren actually had his birthday off. I can honestly say that I don't ever remember Darren having his birthday off. We have always celebrated when he returned and called it a do-over. Well this was a different route we celebrated the day before his birthday so he could sit back and relax. I planned a family dinner for the Jarvis side. We had a lovely dinner and I made a chocolate pudding and banana cake served with whipped cream or ice cream. Both were a hit! We enjoyed desert outside on the patio which was a lovely finish to the evening. Darren was surrounded by his family and a few gifts. Sam & I actually surprised Darren this year by purchasing a GO Pro camera . I appreciated the pre purchased assistance from another friend Judith as I was not so knowledgable about what I was going to be purchasing. Well needless to say the gift was a hit and Darren has actively been using his camera.(I know two of us with cameras in you faces, oh the memories you will have)

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