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Friday, October 14, 2011

Dirty Bird Wash August 10,2011

We finally had the opportunity to participate in a Westjet family activity. It is funny after all this time either Darren was out of town or some other family activities have been planed.

We asked Sam if he would like to bring a friend with him to the plane wash and he selected a friend that he knew from preschool Madison. When all was settled Madison was as pleased as punch to go with us. When we pick her up the two of them started chatting and laughing like they haven't missed a beat. After a short conflict of which hanger the plane wash was a being held in we unpiled and headed in to the hanger. The kids were greeted by a friendly Westjet committee who had stickers, foam airplanes, and food vouchers. Next we found some games to play, bouncy castle, clown blowing and shaping balloons. We ate some cotton candy, found the BBQ where we ate hotdogs and hamburgers, chips and drinks. In addition we managed to run into another former preschool buddy Nathan as his mom also works with Westjet. When the plane finally arrived the kids got out the water guns and water balloons. We all toured the airplane and grabbed some photo opportunities. A fantastic evening was had by all!

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