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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sledding @ Mt.Seymour January 16,2012

So we did it we skipped school and went sledding for the day! We actually had to convince Sam it was okay. And it was AWESOME! We were inspired but the little bit of snow that had fallen in our neighbourhood and Darren was off so it seemed like a great fit. We packed up our warm clothes, a lunch and a sled and headed out to Mt. Seymour. They also have tubing but we decided it would be more exercise if we had to walk up the hill ourselves. The weather was perfect there was a bit of snow falling and the sky would clear up. The three of us had a blast, we even ate our lunch on the side of the hill then resumed sledding. After a few good hours we packed up and headed back to town. Sometimes it is okay to have a snow day!

Darren put together a little video of our day if you would like to check it our here is the link.

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