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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Santa Claus Parade December 4,2011

This year we decided to catch the Roger's Santa Claus Parade. We were trying to attend a few events knowing that Darren would not be with us for Christmas as he had to work. So we bundled up and headed for the Skytrain station as taking public transportation rated high on a six year olds fun list. Once we got downtown we were actually early so we headed in to Cafe Artigiano for a coffee and a treat. Once we were fuelled we found a spot and hunkered in for the duration of the parade. The weather was kind enough to just be crisp and cool, building the festive spirit. We even were treated to some tasty goodies being handed out by the fellow participants. A highlight you know other that the big guy himself was seeing a Westjet airplane in the parade.
After the main event of the parade we found a late lunch at a bistro and walked along the waterfront for a bit.
An overall fantastic experience and a great way to ring in Sam's six year of life.

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