Sunday, January 22, 2012

Our Christmas December 24,2011

Well when we did finally confess to Sam that Darren wasn't going to be home on Christmas he took it well. Mostly due to the fact we had done many activities building up to the day. We spoke of seeing each other on ichat and all would be well and it was. We exchanged a few gifts before Darren left and the he was off. On Christmas morning I was actually up before Sam, as I headed downstairs I notice we had been visited by Santa and Sam would be pleased. I had just barely managed to get a few things organized in the kitchen when I heard Sam's feet hit the ground. He headed down the stairs noticed his filled stocking and then after a few moments he noticed his shiny new bike from Santa. I convinced him to come to the kitchen and I would dial Darren up on the computer, make coffee and he could open his stocking. Once we managed to do the afore mentioned Sam opened gifts in front of the computer so Darren could see too. After many gifts we bid fare well to Darren and told him to have a good day flying. Sam and I had french toast with snow on it of coarse. We spent the remainder of the day lounging around reading and then we got ready to go to dinner at Auntie Karen's house.
Hope you too had a Merry Christmas.

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