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Sunday, September 16, 2012

September so far 2012

So our September is more than half way through. Sam commenced Grade 2 and is fortunate enough to be in the same class as his buddies I don't know how that happened but will enjoy the ride. Darren took the first week of school off to enjoy Sam returning to school and it was good as his  help was more than needed(more on that in a bit). We have been blessed with truly fantastic weather which has given us time to continue to enjoy our yard and garden. The last few days around here have been filled with the start of fall clean up I picked the last of my sunflowers and my tomatoes are slow to ripen so I clipped some branches to help the process along. Darren was completing the project we had going to espalier our apple trees that we planted last fall. And I think he did a fine job will try and take picture soon. 

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