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Wednesday, September 05, 2012

July 2012

Our July was pretty steady with activities. We attended friends birthday parties, goofed around in the back yard ,went bike riding with friends, went canoeing, attended some day camps and managed to get away with some friends.
We went away to Seabrook in Washington, with our friends. A few years ago we managed to stumble on to the Olivia Beach homes in Oregon, which were fabulous. In light of our wonderful experience we wanted to get away again but maybe not as much driving time. And this Seabrook homes in Washington was a wonderful compromise same great house, terrific location and still a drive but not quite as long.
Our days were filled with walks on the beach, bike rides, swimming in the pool, riding on the beach both car and bikes, flying kites, digging in the sand and of coarse lots of food. We we part of four families that managed to go so like our prior trip we all opted to take turns cooking breakfast and dinners so everyone felt they had a vacation. We made pancakes, bacon in and fruit for breakfast, Jill did a fabulous pork cooked in root beer then served on fresh buns and coleslaw, Kim made tasty a wifesaver with sausage for breakfast and Jodi made flavourful fajitas. And there was food beyond all of those delectable meals.
Overall it was a very busy month.


For some reason I am not able to embed the link to the video so here my profile page if you would like to view the SEABROOK VIDEO 2012

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