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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Greaves Family February 5,2012

I was asked to come a take some photographs for our dear friends. We had scheduled and rescheduled but , finally we had a date!
Then I began to think about it and get quite nervous. I never like letting my friends down. I appreciate when they give me the opportunity to capture their families.
So Sam & I ventured out the day before so I could familiarize myself with the park closest to them and a few other options. Sam is such a trooper, I'm sure he would think it strange if I didn't have the camera shoved in his face. He was more then willing to assist me in the quest. It was great weather a tad cool but decent light in my opinion. Here is a link to those pictures.
And the same happened for the following day. The initial part of the pictures were to capture their daughter Maya in her traditional Japanese kimono. I loved how her grandmother dressed her with such attention to detail and was overjoyed that I was their for the actual act of dressing. I still flounder around with indoor light and continue to hone skills on both accounts but this is not my strength. After we completed this half of the shoot we wandered down the street to their local park. Well what a hoot. It is a true pleasure spending time with all of them and they were game for a few things that we tried successfully and some not quite so.
I asked them just recently if it was okay to share a bit and they gave a nod of approval.

On a side note I asked Darren to throw together a little video. The entire time I was photographing them I had this darn song stuck in my head so Darren put it to good use.


Thank you Greaves Family you are the best.

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