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Monday, October 11, 2010

What are you thankful for? October 11,2010

As this time of year rolls around we ponder what we are thankful for. It is not that we are not grateful or appreciative of our lives during the rest of the year , but now is a time to ponder.

What I am grateful for well the list is long but here are a few

-for being healthy and alive
-for a man/husband that love me for me
-a son that wouldn't be he except for miracles!
-for the challenges that are a part of my daily life that make me a better person
-for the family and friends that surround me and make my life so much richer and they enhance every moment
-for the roof over my head
-the wonderful and tasty food in my fridge and cupboards
-for the chocolate lab that wags her tail and just is!

The question is always much bigger but the answers can be so simple. What are you grateful or thankful for?

When you contemplate these thoughts they can branch out to possibilities of enhancing your world, adding to your list!


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