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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sleep over @ Auntie Karen's December 19-20,2009

While Darren & I enjoyed an evening up at Grouse Mountain. Sam spent the evening with Auntie Karen & Sarah. I am assuming fun was had by all as Sam didn't even want to come home the next day. While Sam was with Auntie Karen & Sarah they all went to visit Santa. I have to say with such shock not only did Sam visit with Santa he sat with Sarah and had his picture taken. I say shock because earlier in the month he was telling me it is Daddy's Christmas and that was that. Well I guess fresh people to a situation and all is well. He had a nice chat and spoke of a hockey net that he might be wanting. Now we wait and see whether he had been bad or good?
Thanks again to Auntie Karen & Sarah!

In addition to picking Sam up on Sunday I asked to be a part of Karen's bake exchange as goodies from my exchange were already eaten up. So I baked my five dozen cookies printed out my recipe and headed over for a lovely time. Thanks ladies for letting me participate and a big thank you for more yummy baking! Delicious!

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