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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas and much more... December 24-25,2009

Sending Merry Christmas wishes to each and everyone. It has been a busy few days around here. Darren, Sam & I have not been well so we have been moving at half speed we are on the mend slowly but surely. We spent Christmas eve at Darren's family's house it was tons of fun and when we were surrounded with family it was a little easier to feel a bit better. We had a lovely evening and everyone was blessed with laughter and too many gifts.
Christmas morning had us slowly making our way down stairs to see if Santa had come to visit us and he had indeed. Sam was fortunate to have a new hockey net and hockey sticks for him and Darren to play with we had a leisurely morning and enjoyed a overnight french toast once we had completed our gift sharing. After breakfast we go to work stuffing our turkey, prepping our food. We had time to get dressed in our play clothes and head out for a quick match of hockey to try out the new supplies. Auntie Karen was kind enough to stop in and pass the ball around too!
The evening brought my side of the family minus Papa as he was not feeling too well. So we proceeded with our turkey dinner and many deserts.Karen & Darren ate their traditional one brussel sprout moment. We also shared more lovely gifts. Overall a special first Christmas in our new home was had!
We are very blessed and hope that you had your own special moments too!
You will find and assortment of pictures in my Flickr if you wish to check them out.

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