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Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Sunday Ride April 1,2012

The sun looked like it was making an attempt at coming out so we took Bronwynne for a walk up to the park to see how warm/cold it was and to let her have a little run. When we returned we decided to have a snack and get our bikes out and tackle the Golden Ears Bridge. As we headed out the sun started to shine, still quite cool but manageable with layers. We picked up another trial a bike this one being the Wee-Ride Co-pilot. Sam was excited to get going and try this out. Well over the bridge we went an on to the Osprey Loop  which we had done before. Well before you knew it we hit Harris road and decided we could keep going on the trail . Well by the time we headed back over the bridge the wind was against us and so were my legs but , we made it. I have to say I am glad Darren had Sam in his bike. When we returned home we all just came in through the garage parked our bikes and then parked our buts on the couch! So that was my 40km bike ride, I am proud of me and my family. Heres to many more.

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