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Thursday, April 26, 2012

April Happenings April 14-24,2012

Spring has been up and down here. One minute the weather is improving then we are showered with a copious amount of rain. So timing is everything. I have been stumbling around trying new recipes here and there, one of the big hits is the dutch oven bread .We have been experimenting with different ingredients to make the bread tasty,I would recommend giving it a try.We also tried this pork recipe in the crockpot and it is a must. I would highly recommend making this raspberry vat bars from Pinecone camp
I made them to take camping with us,delish! 
Our garden is starting to emerge and it is truly exciting especially when the sun ray peak through. Well Darren go bitten by the spring but and decided to order 13 tons of sand. So I have been living at at beach house minus the ocean/lake. The only good that came of it is when we finally moved the last of the pile from our front yard the rain came and helped it settle into the lawn. 
One day after school Sam made a monster out of a tissue box he spent a good chunk of time putting the details together. A great craft for recycling and for creativity. 
Final note is that we had my niece Sarah here for the weekend. The kids were good sports they spend a few hours actually lounging around and diving into the mountain of sand, we took Bronwynne to Derby Reach for a walk, visited the garden centre, trekked out to see Grandma & Papa, went for a bike ride in Delta and enjoyed a nice family dinner when Karen returned. 
I say all was well. 

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