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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Early Father's Day June 20,2009

We managed to head back into town in enough time to celebrate and early Father's Day. Darren headed off to work on Sunday so we managed to squeeze in a visit with Dad J. While we were saying our good byes Uncle Gary drove up and Sam's eyes grew bigger as Uncle Gary was driving his collector car. So Sam had to have an good look and try out the stearing wheel and a few pictures.
After our visit there we headed to Dad S's house for a birthday/father's day celebration. Auntie Karen & Sarah were there and we also had a nice visit with Uncle Paul & Auntie Kathy. Mom cooked a tasty and delicious meal followed by a yummy cake with fresh strawberries!

Happy Birthday Dad!
Happy Father's Day Darren, Dad J & Dad S!

Enjoy your day!

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