Saturday, June 27, 2009

Celebration of Nicholas's 4th Bday June 27,2009

Sam & I were invited to help celebrate Nicholas's 4th Birthday today. Sam was so excited he kept say on Saturday, but hey today was Saturday! Yay! Off we went and we tried something new being on time. I have to say I was alway a punctual person before Sam's arrive and well lets just say not so much but I do try. And guess what were were the first there, well if you don't count grandparents(sorry Mr & Mrs. S). Shortly after our arrival Orson was there with Hugo & Mya. Sam & Hugo hung out with the digger at the playground before the remainder of the guests arrived.
The weather couldn't have been any better the kids were running around having a great time. Michelle planned some great games for all the kids to participate in. A sensational time was had by all!

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