Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Science World March 19,2009

During spring break a couple of my friends mentioned they were heading down to Science World and asked if Sam & I would like to come along, I paused but thought it would be a good outing for us. We all met and head out to take the Skytrain into the city. All the kids did really well and enjoyed seeing the sights from the train. We arrived and my adventure began. Sam had a slight accident so we managed to get into the building and had a change. The entire place was crazy with kids and parents alike, but we forged on and all the kids started to enjoy all the activities and sights. We took a break for lunch in a small spot, I just finished mentioning to Sam that we will find the potty when you guessed it, he didn't make it. So needless to say we cleaned up and said our goodbyes. Sam & I headed home!

Thanks again ladies, hopefully when we do it again it won't be on spring break!

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