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Sunday, January 27, 2008

A visit with friends in Ottawa January 22-25,2008

We finally managed to get out and have a wonderful visit with our dear friends in Ottawa. Can you believe it or not son of a pilot had not been on a plane yet so we ventured out on a four hour flight to Ottawa. Sam did wonderfully on the flight and was awake for the majority of the flight. He was pleased as punch in his car seat for the entire ride. Darren was on Daddy duty getting up to refresh Sam halfway through the flight.
Our friends met us at the airport and Sam took right to them. He was in admiration of their newest addition baby Georgia. After a wait for our numerous suitcases(the most I have ever pack for such a short trip). We piled in the van and headed back to their home where Nora was waiting for Sam. It was almost like we didn't have much of a time change as Sam acclimatized himself quite quickly having a bite to eat and off to bed after a little playtime.
The next morning had us loafing around eating another wonderful meal then packing the kids and ourselves up to do a little sledding. Fun was had by all until Sam & Nora had a meltdown seeing Darren & George do competition sledding.
That night George cooked us fine feast of Orange Chicken delicious! Once the kids were down we laughed and reminisced.
We approached the next day with caution as it was slightly cooler, after finally getting out of our PJ's we took the kids to an indoor playground now I don't know who was having more fun the Dad's or the kids.
A final evening of fabulous foods and drink was had as we eased into the day which we headed back home.

Thank you again!

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