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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Giver or Taker October 5,2007

Darren & I recently had this conversation about being givers or takers. It is rather a profound topic when you sit back and discuss the depth. I would suspect that most of us were raised to become givers. It is inevitable that you have to take sometimes to help yourself or your children but this is with the idea that giving is a part of that circle that you start. Like the ying and yang you need both to complete.
In light of our recent events re:sticky fingers! I was brooding about how these people could just come in and take from us. Not just the possesions but the trust in the human race. I have to say that I was out gardening yesterday, as it was one of our only nice days. During my time outside two of my neighbours came over to see how our family is doing and if there was any status on our goods. These simple gesture began to restore some of that trust! It is truly amazing how the our world works.
I am fortunate to be surround with family, friends and neighbours that are compassionate and caring and this I to take but not for granted!


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