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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Tigh-na-mara March 14-17,2007

Sam & I had the wonderful opportunity to go away with Michelle and her boys to Parksville. They had origanally planned a family get away but her other half came down with the flu. So to our benefit we were able to go with. Wednesday morning we dropped Darren off for work and headed to their house to get all packed up. We were like a little train each in our vehicles. We took the ferry over to Duke point and proceeded on the island highway. I can honestly tell you it was a beautiful site driving up into the resort. For the next few days we enjoyed the facility, the beach and all the surrounding. Including a jaunt to Qualicum for lunch. A wonderful time was had by all. And a strong recommendation if you have the chance to go yourselves.

And of coarse there a just a few pictures.

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